The minister in charge of services for people with disabilities faced hundreds of angry people who packed a northeast Calgary conference centre to get answers about cuts to programs announced in the last provincial budget.

Frank Oberle, Alberta's associate minister of services for persons with disabilities, was booed several times during the hour-long session but says he will continue to hold meetings across the province.

"We will not take services away from people that need them," he told the crowd.

Roughly $42 million in cuts to the Community Access Supports Programs are set to take effect on July 1.

It has left many people with developmental disabilities and their caregivers unsure of how they will be affected — like Pat Lunau's adult son.

"He just kept saying people who need services will receive services, but I don't understand if you're cutting $42 million how those needs can be met," she said.

Oberle says he's happy to hear from the clients, advocates and parents. He also says if the timeline for the cuts is too aggressive, the government may have to adjust its expectations.

"If we can't do things with people rather than to people, then that's not acceptable and we will adjust our timeline if we have to," he said.