The City of Calgary is helping food trucks owners with their search for downtown parking spots by providing two permanent spots behind city hall.

Margaret Hope, owner of the Blamwich truck, says with restrictions of two food trucks per block, and no parking in front of restaurants, it can be difficult to find a spot to park downtown.

"I'll have a certain corner in my sights, in my head when I leave my kitchen in the morning and when I get there, there’s already two trucks so I will drive somewhere else and there’s already two trucks," said Hope.

Municipal employee Derek Lockhart is pleased with the decision.

"We lost our cafeteria so it’s great that they’re bringing the food trucks to us."

The food truck operators will have to pay for their parking spot and Darren Jackson, who operates the Family Fry Guy, hopes trucks will take turns using the designated spots.

"People want the variety and it’s sort of exciting to so to a new truck every couple of days. Even we like to visit different trucks," said Jackson.

Operators are hoping city hall will consider creating more designated parking spots for food trucks in the future.