A Calgary man has lost his challenge of a bylaw that bans chickens in backyards.

Paul Hughes argued his six hens were "pets with benefits" providing a daily supply of eggs.

But in a 31-page ruling, provincial court Judge Catherine Skene upheld the city's responsible pet ownership bylaw, ruling the section that prohibits Calgarians from keeping hens in their backyard is constitutional.

Paul Hughes, a 48-year-old military veteran and food activist, argued the bylaw was unfair that it affects his right to make decisions about what he eats, grows or produces on his urban lot.

Judge Skene said Hughes’ arguments were not always supported by the objective evidence and there is a dearth of evidence on the record to factually back up or validate some of Hughes' positions.

"I'm disappointed," Hughes said, adding he plans to appeal the ruling.

Earlier this year Hughes gave his chickens to someone else in the city.