A local charity that teaches impoverished children to play guitar is hitting the road.

Last fall, CBC reported that the charity Rock Guitar Shelter was struggling and feared going under.

Today the charity has been re-invented as a mobile school and shop and operates out of a trailer.


The charity hopes to bring guitars to impoverished children around Alberta. (rockguitarshelter.com)

"This trailer is evidence that we are alive and well and keeping the spirit of rock 'n' roll alive in Calgary, Alberta," said JR Fleet, who founded the guitar shelter.

The charity plans to tour the province giving away guitars and teaching kids how to use them.

"I'm really excited to possibly see another Randy Rhoads or another Jimi Hendrix, another Jim Morrison," said Fleet.

"There's no limit to how far one person can go who wants it bad and those young kids who have no chance of getting a guitar we want you to get a hold of us."

Eleanor Jabonero is one of the charity's teachers.

She says her life changed in Grade 9 while playing at a school talent show with the same guitar she carried with her when she immigrated from the Philippines.

Jabonero said playing brought her out of a depression.

So far the charity's given away more than 800 guitars. To find out more visit rockguitarshelter.com.