The Calgary Chamber of Commerce says the next city council should focus on eight key priorities, with fiscal prudence topping the list.

The business association released the list on Monday along with 31 policy recommendations it says are aimed at keeping Calgary a globally competitive city.

“From cutting red tape, to improving fiscal management and advancing transportation and mobility, we have developed a series of specific recommendations for the next council to make ‘A Great Calgary,’” said Adam Legge, the chamber’s president and CEO.

The chamber believes the mayor and councillors who are elected to council next month should focus on:

  • Fiscal prudence and management.
  • Cutting red tape.
  • Property tax equity.
  • Paying for utilities – franchise fee reform.
  • Growth and development.
  • Transportation and mobility.
  • Housing.
  • Planning flood resistant communities.

Legge said the priorities and recommendations were developed in consultation with its membership.

“They are designed to help us attract and retain top-level talent and contribute to the continued prosperity of all Calgarians.”