The City of Calgary released the 2014 census results Tuesday and the numbers show that Calgary is continuing to grow at a steady rate, despite a tight housing market.

Between April 2013 and April 2014, Calgary's population grew by 38,508 people to roughly 1.195 million. The rate of increase was 3.33 per cent, which is similar to the level of population growth reported in 2010.

Over that time period, 28,017 more people moved to Calgary than moved away from the city. Along with natural increase — more births than deaths — this has once again resulted in record growth for Calgary.

Among the communities experiencing the most growth, Saddleridge in the city's northeast was the leader with a population increase of 2,373.

Seven other communities also experienced growth of more than 1,000 residents, including Auburn Bay, Cranston, Skyview Ranch, Evanston, Panorama Hills, Aspen Woods and the Beltline.

The number of housing units, both existing and under construction, also increased by 2.06 per cent from 468,358 to 478,223.

However, the number of vacant units continued to decrease, falling to 9,315 from 11,782 in 2013.

The overall vacancy rate in the city now sits at 2.01 per cent, down from 2.59 per cent last year.