The opening ceremony of the 1988 Winter Olympics was 25 years ago today.

The city proclaimed Wednesday as Olympic Legacy Day. Events were held at the Saddledome, Canada Olympic Park and the Olympic Oval to celebrate the lasting mark 1988 left on the city.

Frank King, the man responsible for bringing the Olympic Games to Calgary, says it might be a long time before the city gets another shot at hosting the Games.

"There's no doubt we could do it again. The question is, would we be allowed to do it. There are many cities around the world that haven't had the games, that would love to have an opportunity," said the organizing committee chairman for the 1988 games.

Froukje Van Dorssen greeted people at the oval today, where she volunteered 25 years ago.

"Maybe this experience was unique. I don't know. I think it would be good to have it again," she said.

The city has no plans to bid for another games, but Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he wouldn't close the door entirely to the idea someday.  

Calgary’s official mascots from 1988, Hidy and Howdy, will make a cameo appearance as the Flames host the Dallas Stars on Wednesday night.

And the Olympic flame will be lit atop the Calgary Tower at 6 p.m. MT.