A family is very relieved after a wallet containing $1,200 was returned to them by Calgary Transit.

The wallet was lost by Vi Pho Loi on Wednesday on a bus in the northwest.

His daughter, Shirley Loi, didn't know about it until later in the afternoon and was busy looking for a Calgary Transit number when she received a call from transit officials.

On Friday, the father and daughter met the bus driver, who was given the wallet by a female passenger.

"I was very, very happy," said Shirley Loi, adding she is glad to see there are honest people who turn in lost items.

Shirley Loi doesn't know why her father was carrying so much money with him, but he was glad to get it back.

"He was so happy, [he] got his smile back," she said.

The bus driver says wallets get left behind all the time. He found three this week alone.