The Calgary Board of Education wants input on the way it decides where new schools should be built.

Every year it gives the province a three-year plan on priorities for new schools and repairs. Superintendent Frank Coppinger says the criteria haven't been revised for 10 years.

“Every parent wants a school in their community and that's a challenge when we have 20 developing communities across Calgary all of which want a school first in their community if there's no school there.”

There's been much dissatisfaction from parents in new communities about the rankings. Coppinger says they want input on the ranking criteria.

“There have been questions raised by some communities and we feel that since it's over a decade since there's been a major revision to this criteria that it's an opportune time to seek broad community input.”

The CBE will hold focus groups for parents of representative communities across the city. Coppinger says they also want input on where modular, or portable, classrooms should go.

He says there will be focus groups this month and next month and people can also provide their thoughts online.