Noah was born two weeks early and weighed four pounds, 11 ounces. ((CBC))

The proud parents of a newborn publicly thanked a 911 dispatcher Monday for helping them with the birth of their son near a major Calgary thoroughfare.

Noah Brockway was born unexpectedly in his parent's truck near Deerfoot Trail on Jan. 13. He was two weeks early.

His father, Scott Brockway, said he was driving his wife, Kelsey, to the hospital during the morning rush hour when Noah decided to make an early appearance.

"So, on Deerfoot Trail I had phoned 911, and I said I think my wife is in labour right now in the truck, having a baby, and our 911 dispatcher basically went through all these checklists," he recalled.

The dispatcher, David MacGregor, walked the couple through every step of the birthing process.

"The most important thing I wanted was to make sure was that we had the proper location of where they were," MacGregor recalled.

Noah was born near a car dealership, on the side of the road at Country Hills Boulevard and Freeport Drive.

"I didn't think in a million years I would have had him before we got to the hospital," said Kelsey Brockway.

When paramedics arrived, the baby was snuggled in blankets and the only job left was cutting the umbilical cord.

Paramedics say that a baby born in a vehicle is very rare. Usually, they arrive in time to help with the birth either at home or in an ambulance.