Originally published on Dec. 4, 2015.

Calgary at a Crossroads

1. Your alcohol consumption is tied to oil prices. 

Binge drinking girl alcohol

2. It's -33 C outside, but still barbecue weather.

Winter barbecue

3. You brag to your snotty eastern friends about having a Muslim mayor.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi

4. You can pronounce Calgary correctly (say it with me, CAL-gree).


5. The first thing you show visitors to our city ... is Banff.

Shannon McNeil

6. You pay more to park your car than to fill it.

Calgary parking, Park Plus and impark


7. You know a drop of rain or a single snowflake on a Friday means taxis magically evaporate.

Calgary taxi night

8. You can quote the latest bid on West Texas Intermediate off the top of your head.

Oil Prices Cda

9. Even the word Deerfoot can push your diastolic past 89.

Snowy Deerfoot Trail near Memorial Drive

10. You start planning your Mexican all-inclusive February vacation in August.

Travel Trend All Inclusive

11. When you've put on both a toque and sunscreen within 24 hours.


12. You've debated a trip to the STD clinic after at least one Stampede.

Stampede Business 20120707

CBC Calgary's special focus on life in our city during the downturn. A look at Calgary's culture, identity and what it means to be Calgarian. It's called Calgary at a Crossroads.