Bronson Crowchild's head was badly bruised when security officers at Alberta Children's Hospital tried to arrest him in 2010. ((Brooks DeCillia/CBC))

Charges against three security guards accused of assaulting a man at the Alberta Children's Hospital were stayed this month without the victim's knowledge.

Bronson Crowchild was allegedly assaulted after an altercation with the hospital guards in December 2010.

He says the manner in which security guards approached him that night led to his assault.

"Instead of pointing the finger right away, ask how the person is doing. Say, 'Are you okay? Do you need somebody to talk to?' instead of saying, 'What is your purpose?' and being aggressive."

A security video caught the event, and Alberta Health Services gave Crowchild a letter of apology.

But Crowchild feels the discrimination he received as an aboriginal didn't end there after he discovered the Crown had stayed the charges against the guards this week.

Witnesses failed to appear, says Alberta Justice

His mother, Carmel Crowchild, says her other son was also a witness at the scene but was never interviewed.

"His name is not there on the witness list," said Carmel. 

"I'm not even sure if they gave that information to the Crown prosecutor. They didn't do their due diligence when they were interviewing any of the witnesses or potential witnesses."

Alberta Justice tells CBC the charges were stayed because "certain witnesses," including Bronson, failed to appear.

Crowchild's mother says the Crown told her they were unable to reach them, even though their contact information was with police.

Kelly Ernst, with the Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics and Leadership, says those in the legal system should keep in mind that people who experience repeated discrimination do not make the same efforts to pursue justice as others.

"Very often access to justice is available to people, but they may not necessarily feel they have the power to grab hold of it," he said.

Crowchild is looking at what his options are now that the case isn't going ahead.