A Calgary artist living in a box on a downtown street for the past five days emerged late Friday afternoon.

Daniel J. Kirk says he did the experiment to see how people would react.

"There was so many people coming and going all the time, looking in on me, banging to see if I was OK," Kirk said.


Daniel J. Kirk has lived in a box on Stephen Avenue Mall since Monday morning. (Tara Weber, CBC)

On Monday morning Kirk went into a large box made of plywood and clear plastic in the downtown’s Stephen Avenue Mall.

For an entire work week, passersby could gawk at Kirk inside the box that was filled with a sleeping bag, clothes, lamp, video camera, water, art materials and a portable septic receptacle.

Kirk did not bring any food.

"I'm not trying to set any records in the world, I'm just trying to see what it was like to focus myself a little bit more and to have that physical challenge."