Calgary animal shelters at capacity

Calgary animal shelters and rescue organizations are on the hunt for foster parents.

Rescue groups may have to halt operations

Calgary’s animal shelters and rescue organizations are on the hunt for foster parents.

It’s because their facilities are at full capacity.

Loretta Lock has been a foster parent for the past three years.

She has a steady stream of pups come in and out of her house.

"I can only take in dogs if my litter right now is adopted out," Lock said. "So I can keep going as long as my puppies get adopted."

The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew saves dogs and cats on a weekly basis, but they recently had to freeze their operation because of a lack of foster homes.

"Summer time is hard because a lot of people are away on vacation so some of our long term foster homes are unable to foster right now, and then we've just seen more animals come in," Deanna Thompson with AARCS said.  

Even at capacity, the organization was able to find emergency kennel space.

"We think the animals are best raised in a home where they can learn to be a family pet, but this space will be used in emergencies like this where we have no other place to put them," Thompson said.

The Calgary Humane Society is feeling a similar crunch.

"Just recently we've dealt with a couple of hoarding cases we were getting a large number of animals all at one time and that really puts a strain on our resources for sure," said Christy Thompson with the Calgary Humane Society.

The solution – more people need to adopt the animals.

"I mean you know we have 75 animals up for adoption if those were to move into new permanent homes we could bring that many more in," Thompson said.

For information on adopting a pet, visit AARCS website: