A member of city council is trying to get more people to join their community associations.

Ward 14 Ald. Peter Demong sponsored an event at South Centre Mall on Saturday to encourage more people to sign up.  

His ward encompasses 15 communities in the south part of the city.

He says most of those communities have enough people on boards, but they need residents to become rank-and-file members of the association.

"It is something that over the last 10 or so years that has started to drop off," Demong said. "People are busier — people expect other levels of government to do things for them."

Sue Mitchell is the treasurer for the community association in Deer Run.

She says they have the volunteers required to run events, like the annual Stampede Breakfast, but fall short when it comes to memberships.

"I think it is something silly like 10 per cent," Mitchell explained.

Sarah Christensen, with the Queensland Community Association, says the money raised through memberships is an important source of revenue.

"They don't understand why we need memberships sold, but we need them to keep our community centre still running," she said.

Demong says the cost of a membership is low — between $10 and $20 — depending on the community, and it allows people to provide input on what their communities need.