Veterans in Calgary may soon get a break on the cost of parking downtown.

Ald. Shane Keating's plan will give vets two hours of free parking every month.

Veterans would set up an account using their veteran’s plate and would be credited $120 at the beginning of each year.

The city's ParkPlus system would track the hours used.

"If you use all $120 in the first two months you're out of luck, if you used $50 for that year, then the next year you'd be debited the $50, the idea is on annual basis give you two hours of free parking a month," said Keating.


Joanie Lapidus, who served in the Canadian Air Force and Army, thinks the idea of giving veterans two hours of free parking a month is a good one. (CBC)

Joanie Lapidus, who served in the Canadian Air Force and Army, said city hall is doing a good thing.

"It's a good thing for the veterans I really think they deserve it," said Lapidus.

Some people think the idea could encourage veterans to get out a bit more.

"By lowering the price of parking we'd end up having more vets come out and that's what we want," said Robert Sinclair, a volunteer at the Royal Canadian Legion in Calgary.

It's not a done deal yet, council has voted in favour of a study to determine exactly how much it will cost to implement.

Calgary's parking rates are the highest in Canada and the second highest in North America behind New York City.