The Calgary Airport Authority is looking for ideas on how to celebrate the opening of its new runway next spring.

It wants proposals over the next 30 days on what special events could be held on the 4.2-kilometre long runway before it opens for air traffic.

Board chair David Swanson says it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for people to get out on the $600-million runway.

"It's a very unique opportunity. I've never actually stood on an operating runway, so I might get a chance to go out there next spring and have some fun with this thing," he said. "It's just an unusual thing. These are assets that aren't built very often."

Students at one Calgary school have already submitted their ideas, including a road race, skateboarding park and a parade.

The airport authority is taking submissions over the next month and the winning ideas will be announced early in the new year.

"We'll pick as many as we can handle and if we can pick 30, we'll pick 30. If we can pick more than 30 and do it, we'll do what we can," said Swanson.