Calgary airport sees delays as weather stalls eastbound flights

There are currently big lineups at the Calgary International Airport after extreme winter weather caused major travel problems and backlogs in Toronto.

More than 20 flights cancelled before noon

Many passengers heading east are being forced to rebook flights or stand in long lines. (Alana Baker/CBC)

Travellers in Calgary are not immune to the frustration of thousands of flights cancelled across North America because of bad weather out east.

Bitterly cold weather is creating problems at major hubs, such as Pearson International. Flight landings were halted for much of the morning in Toronto and that is having a ripple effect across the system.

The ground stop was lifted at 10 a.m. ET, but it's expected to take some time to clear the backlog at the airport.

More than 20 flights were cancelled at the Calgary airport before noon. Shawn Blays barely got any sleep after his flight was cancelled late last night.

"Maybe an hour and then I came back this morning and my other flight was cancelled that I was rerouted on," said Blays.

"It's been quite the adventure. You just want to get home, it's pretty tiring."

Dylan Bruins was also waiting around at the airport Tuesday. He said it's been a long, drawn out experience.

"I called this number probably 150 times before I drove here."

Bruins and others are standing at desks set up with phones for those trying to reschedule their cancelled flights. Bruins stood in line for a half hour only to be put on hold for more than 20 minutes by the time he spoke to CBC.

Booths set up to rebook flights

"They've got these booths setup so you can call straight through and maybe somebody picks up on the other end," he said.

Police officers are patrolling the airport calming down frustrated travellers.

The lineups are long as airlines deal with a backlog of passengers. Extreme weather in parts of Canada and the United States is causing the problems.

Even those Calgary passengers able to check in aren't overly confident they won't face delays later in the day.

"Whether we get on or not, we're not sure," said Kevin O'Neill, who is trying to fly home to Toronto with his wife.

"Our son, where we were staying here, has said 'I'll keep your bed warm for you in case you have to come back.'"

Airlines are urging passengers to keep checking their flight status before heading to the airport.