The cost of flying out of Calgary International Airport is going up on March 1 as the airport's improvement fee increases from $25 to $30.

The increase means Calgary and Fort McMurray are tied with the second-highest airport improvement fee in the country.

Jody Moseley, with the Calgary Airport Authority, says 100 per cent of that fee goes towards improvements — including the new terminal and runway under construction.

"We are the only airport in Canada that is currently undergoing a major infrastructure project, such as building a brand new runway and expanding the terminal building to double its current size, without any funding from the government," she said.

Mosely says the Calgary Airport Authority doesn't raise fees lightly, but it's necessary.

"As a not-for-profit organization, we receive no funding from any level of government and, unfortunately because of that, we are also mandated to meet the needs of our city as well as our travellers and our businesses," she said. 

"That puts us in a position that we need to recoup those fees in order to build at the airport to meet those needs."

Some flyers not pleased

Airlines are also facing increased landing fees and terminal fees, which are going up by 2.5 per cent.

Sunil Fenseka, who uses the airport, isn't pleased.

"It's their problem," she said. "I got to pay for my renovation for my house because I own my house."

Lori Betts, whose husband works for an airline, sees it differently.

"I don't know whether it personally bothers me so much because I do see the improvements they're making — they're adding on, they're making the terminal bigger and making it a little bit easier for more flights to come in."

The new runway will be completed in 2014 and the terminal in 2015.

With files from CBC's Joclyn Cozac