Calgarians looking to quench their thirst with an ice-cold beer flocked to opening night of Beerfest 2013 on Friday.

The festival features more than 200 types of beer and runs until Saturday night at Stampede Park. Participants can take part in beer seminars, sample food and vote for the People's Choice awards for different brews.

"I talked to a lot of beer geeks and they're really surprised," says Mark Kondrat, project manager for Beerfest. "They see a lot of product that they've never been able to taste."

Thirty new breweries are taking part in this year's event.

Vulcan Ale, the first licensed Star Trek beer, was also at Beerfest.

It's making its second promotional appearance before it officially launches for sale on May 17, coinciding with the release of the new Star Trek movie.

Yet despite the beer brouhaha, event organizers say that Beerfest isn't about getting drunk.

"It's really more about educating them about just simply getting drunk," Kondrat says.

Participants get to judge beers on five components — aroma, body, appearance, taste and overall impression.

They mark a ballot and the winners will take home the People's Choice Award.

Last year, Alberta's Big Rock Brewery took home the top spot for "Domestic Ale" with their Scottish Heavy.

Calgary brewers Village Brewery also won "Rookie of the Year" for their Village Blacksmith.

Beerfest wraps up Saturday and runs from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. MT.