A group of University of Calgary researchers are off to Switzerland for an International Conference on Concussions to share ideas on new detection and treatment methods for the brain injury.  

Kathryn Schneider is a physiotherapist at the U of C’s Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre.  

She says concussions are not just about focusing on the brain anymore.

"Often times individuals, following concussions, report symptoms of dizziness and of blurred vision. So it's something that may help us to then learn more about what happens following a concussion," Schneider said.  

Schneider will join the U of C’s Dr. Willem Meeuwisse at the meeting in Zurich.  

Meeuwisse says a lot has changed in the four years since the last conference.

At that time the only remedy for a concussion was rest.  

"The problem is for the 30 per cent of people that are not better right away, what do you do with them?  Is it more rest, or is it something you can actually intervene or do?" Meeuwisse said.  

Meeuwisse says they're getting closer to answering those questions.

The latest information on concussions will be released in a report in April.