Hundreds of Calgarians braved the cold to honour Canada's fallen soldiers at the cenotaph in Central Memorial Park today.

The ceremony was just one of many Remembrance Day events around the city and across southern Alberta this morning.

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Grace Shukuda arrived with her family carrying a wreath she made herself. Inside was a picture of her great grandfather who fought in the Second World War.

"Because I kind of want to remember him," said the six-year-old. 

Lt.-Col. Jack Rose would have turned 100 this year. 

"I miss him and I honour and respect what he did for our country," said Grace's mother Jennifer Shukuda. "And it's special that my dad and my daughter could make it. 

"He was a good man. We love him. We miss him." 

Grace Shukuda

Six-year-old Grace Shukuda made a wreath in honour of her great grandfather who fought in the Second World War. (CBC)

She said her grandfather passed away more than a decade ago.

As the years go by, fewer world war veterans are able to see the crowds that gather to honour them. One such veteran received loud applause when he approached the cenotaph this year at Central Memorial Park.

Thousands of people also attended the Remembrance Day services at the Military Museums and the Jubilee Auditorium, and a large crowd came together at the site of the white crosses set up along Memorial Drive N.W.