A 180-kilogram calf likely owes its life to four power line technicians who were out doing restoration work after Monday's snow and wind storm in southern Alberta.

The distressed animal had fallen into a semi-frozen dugout east of Brooks, Alta., located roughly 190 kilometres southeast of Calgary, where a nearby FortisAlberta crew noticed it Wednesday afternoon.

One technician grabbed a line of rope from a nearby service truck to use as a makeshift lasso.

Then technicians carefully stepped down to the icy edge of the bank, where they were able to loop the rope around the stranded calf's neck and pull the animal onto solid ground. 

Calf strathmore power outage

A power line technician working to restore power near Strathmore, Alta., loops a rope around a calf in order to pull it out of frigid waters. (FortisAlberta)

A video provided by FortisAlberta shows the animal struggle to its feet as it lets out a loud moo, at which point one of the technicians responds, "Yeah, you're welcome."

"This is one of the more memorable events of my career," said technician Chad Brownlee in a news release. "I thought I'd only be going out to fix some damaged power lines."

The crew was able to notify the calf's rancher, who was "very appreciative and thankful," reads the release.

FortisAlberta initially reported that the incident happened near Strathmore, but it was actually just east of Brooks, about 190 kilometres southeast of Calgary.