People who live in the Hidden Valley community east of Calgary are cleaning up Saturday morning after vandals trashed more than a 12 cabins.

The cabins are on land owned by the Siksika First Nation and sit vacant during the winter.

Dick Burgess, the general manager of the Hidden Valley Golf Resort, says the damage is extensive.

"The fridge is upside down, microwaves smashed, a hatchet put through tables, all the mirrors are smashed in some of the places, pictures off the walls, just holes in the walls – just wild confusion," Burgess says. "Words do not describe how devastating the inside of these cabins are. The people that were out today, the cabin owners are just totally devastated. They feel totally violated with the amount of damage thats been done to their personal property."

The vandalism comes in the middle of an ongoing dispute in this community.

The cabin owners’ lease is up after this summer and so far it hasn't been renewed.

Police continue to investigate.