The quick actions of a Calgary man and two police officers saved the life of a woman who fell through the ice at Elliston Park today.

Stuart Harris noticed a woman fall through the ice after attempting to rescue her dog from the icy waters.

"You could see the panic in her eyes. I mean, it's cold," he said.

He tied a rope around his waist and made his way out onto the pond to reach the woman, who has been identified Jennifer Simmonds.

At the same time, an on-duty police officer was driving past the area and saw what was happening.

By the time Harris was able to get to Simmonds she was too numb from the freezing water to be able to grasp the rope, so he secured the rope around both of them.

"By then I was so exhausted I couldn't even do much more than lift my arms," said Simmonds.

Warning issued

Meanwhile, the officer began pulling the two of them in when a second officer arrived and waded into the water to assist in pulling everyone to shore.

Simmonds was transported to hospital for hypothermia while the man and officers were treated at the scene and released.

Her dog managed to make it safely to shore on its own.

Police are reminding Calgarians that alternating temperatures can create dangerous conditions. They are asking everyone to stay off the ice and avoid the banks of nearby rivers and lakes.

Simmonds has called Harris to thank him, and she hopes others can learn from her experience.

"I really hope people learn and stay away from those areas until spring comes, if spring ever comes this year," she said.

In meantime, her trouble-making terrier is now on a tight leash.