Voters in Calgary Centre can circle Nov. 26 on their calendar as that is the date they'll be heading to the polls.

A byelection is required after Conservative Lee Richardson vacated his seat and took a job with Premier Alison Redford. The race will be one of three in Canada. 

The federal Tories are now hoping former journalist Joan Crockatt can reclaim that seat.

But others in the running are looking to beat Crockatt out.

The Liberals chose conservationist Harvey Locke to represent them.

"We think we can win," Locke said Saturday.

Author Chris Turner will represent the Green Party. He also says he’s confident.

"It's really a great moment for Calgary right now, there's such great optimism in the city and I really feel like I’ve got that on my team," Turner said.

But political scientist Duane Bratt says it would take an extraordinary set of circumstances for Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt to lose.

"You do have a good candidate in Chris Turner with the Greens, but people are going to vote based on party labels and the greens just don't have that heft," Bratt said, adding the true battle was the Conservative nomination.

The NDPs will choose their candidate Oct. 27.

The other two byelections will be held in Victoria, B.C., and Durham, Ont.