Calgary at a Crossroads

It doesn't get much more Calgary than the Buck Shot Show. 

Starting in 1967, at least a couple generations of us grew up watching Buck Shot (Ron Barge) and his sidekick, Benny the Bear, on TV. Saturday morning just wasn't complete without tuning into the songs, the puppets, the will-I-make-it-this-time? birthday list and Buck Shot's nifty cowboy hat.

  • As part of our Calgary at a Crossroads series we asked Ron Barge to show us the places around Calgary that matter the most to him. Watch the video above to see where he took us.

Buck Shot went off the air back in 1997. Nearly 20 years ago. If that doesn't make you feel old, nothing will.

But Barge and Jim Lewis (Benny) continued to entertain around town until just last year, when Buck Shot finally put down his guitar and hung up his hat.

The Buck Shot Show Calgary

The Buck Shot Show was a long-running children's television series in Calgary that aired from 1967 to 1997. (CTV archive footage)

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