Bruce McCulloch, probably best known for his work with the comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall, returns to his former hometown this week to premiere a new show at the High Performance Rodeo.

Young Drunk Punk is a one-man performance that lets McCulloch relive his days on the punk music scene in Calgary in the 1980s. The show runs from Jan. 16-18.

McCulloch spoke to Doug Dirks, host of the CBC Calgary program The Homestretch, Monday.

This transcription has been edited and condensed. 

  • Click here to listen to the full interview from The Homestretch:

Q: Tell us a bit about the show.

A: It's a night of comedy and music and it sort of starts with my days as a young, drunk punk in Calgary to my transformation into guy who wears his pyjamas and has young children.

Q: What was your life like back then here in Calgary?

A: I was an angry, young man listening to rock music, trying to figure out whether I should take a swing at my dad or not. 

Q: What kind of a kid were you?

A: Actually sports were very important to me, I was a distance runner and a competitive weightlifter. But once I found rock music it was a place to put my weird anger from my broken home I think.

Q: Was it difficult for you to open up about your personal experiences?

A: Sometimes I cringe. I tell a story about a bad sex weekend with my wife in this show at one point. I guess as an artist — which I half-laughingly call myself— you have to do that. I 'm also writing a book so I have been kind of going into this material in a different way that is both exciting and kind of creepy.

Q: What was it like to move from Calgary to Toronto and start with the Kids in the Hall?

A: A lot of us went, so it was really comfortable. We were actually lucky, when we were in Calgary we started out at Loose Moose Theatre and we had a show called Late Night Comedy. We actually succeeded quite quickly. Then we went out to Toronto and there was a terrible year or so where we couldn't, as they say, get arrested. That was good for us, we had to come together because we were failing, before we succeeded.

Q: What would that young punk think of the man you've become?

A: I think he would think (I'm) a bit of a boring guy .But he would actually say, 'Wow, you've still got really nice hair.'

Young Drunk Punk runs from Jan. 16-18 at the Martha Cohen Theatre in the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts in Calgary.