Since the movie Brokeback Mountain won big at the Academy Awards there has been a growing demand to see where the picture was filmed.

The movie, a love story about two Wyoming cowboys, was shot almost entirely in Southern Alberta, and the scenes of the Alberta landscape have spawned a mini-travel boom.

Linda Chow, spokesperson for Lion Travel Service in Taiwan, says her company has created a package to see the sights featured in the movie.

"We're marketing this package especially to gay and lesbian people," she said, adding that her company is offering a $200 discount for gay and lesbian customers.

The economic development officer for the town of Fort Macleod – where much of the movie was filmed – says not everyone is excited about the town becoming a destination for gay travellers.

"There has been some controversy with respect to the moral issue," Gordon MacIvor said. But he says that visitors to the town will be welcomed and not judged.

"We are in a modern society today ... there have been a lot of movies out on controversial issues and it's your own personal judgment on it."

Don Boynton, communications director for Travel Alberta, says their website also suggests a sightseeing tour of the film's locations. But he says it isn't only for gay people.

"The movie and the scenery is appealing to all people no matter what their lifestyle is," Boynton said.

Brokeback Mountain won Oscars for best director, best adapted screenplay and best original score.