A contractor clears a sidewalk on Macleod Trail in Calgary on Tuesday. ((CBC))

The snow and cold weather has some Calgary business owners rubbing their mittened hands with glee.

Calgary has been gripped by a cold snap since Saturday with heavy snowfall that has left some homeowners literally digging themselves out of their houses.

The chill has meant a boost to business at E.J. Mower Centre. Owner Emery Jardine, who stocks 75 of the big-ticket items every year, has only a handful left and doesn't expect any more until next fall because his supplier is also out of stock.

"We sold about 20 on Saturday, which is a good shot of what we had in inventory. We're getting kind of low now, so they've been selling very well," he said.

At one Calgary Canadian Tire store, chilled customers have bought 500 space heaters over the last few days.


A home in the northeast Calgary neighbourhood of Saddleridge. ((CBC))

"The sales just seem to spike incredibly," said manager Scott Woodman. "You get the traffic in the store and we seem to pick up some incremental sales based on it."

Also flying off the shelves are snow shovels, ice melt, gloves and tuques.

Tow-truck drivers with the Alberta Motor Association have also been busy and are just now getting to calls from up to two days ago, said Derek Whelan as he prepared to tow a van from a shopping mall parking lot.

"Dead batteries, you name it. Plus the usual alternators, starters, fuel pumps. We've got guys going 24 hours. So it's tough."