Bridge repairs on Highway 8 to cause traffic slowdown

The province is asking drivers to slow down as it carries out repairs to the bridge on Highway 8 across the Elbow River.

Elbow River crossing damaged by June flooding

Crews are repairing the abutment on the east side of the Elbow River bridge on Highway 8. (Alberta Transportation)

Motorists will encounter slowdowns on Highway 8 as crews begin work on an abutment of the bridge across the Elbow River.

Crews are working to rebuild the flood-damaged river bank near the bridge. About 100 metres of riverbank was washed away in the June flood and the bridge foundation was weakened.  

Highway 8 crosses the Elbow River just west of the city limits.

Alberta Transportation contractors did interim repairs to provide immediate protection against further damage and to stabilize the bridge.

Work has now begun to permanently repair and strengthen the damaged east abutment.

The $800,000 project will be completed this winter to ensure the bridge crossing is protected against snow melt and spring run-off.

Motorists are asked to slow down to ensure the safety of crews working in the area.