A group of young Calgarians trying to organize a memorial fundraiser for the Brentwood stabbing victims have declined an offer from the University of Calgary of a venue.

The fundraiser organizers met with representatives of the university's student union, which had denied their venue request yesterday, and had what they call an "amicable" meeting. However, organizers say they have received "overwhelming" public support for the fundraiser, including multiple other venue offers, and have decided to take up one of the other offers.

"We've gotten hundreds of messages from venues and security firms and publicity firms," said Barry Mason, who played with two of the stabbing victims, Zackariah Rathwell and Josh Hunter.​, in the local band Zackariah and the Prophets. "This is exactly what this event is about, just unifying Calgary to remember what these people are all about."

Mason says he had been heartbroken when the student union declined their venue request but that the issue really boiled down to bad communication from the university to organizers.

 He says Tuesday evening's meeting was about making amends and ensuring there are no bridges burned between the university and the memorial fundraiser organizers.

"It wasn't meant to slight us and it wasn't meant to go against anything that we're about," said Mason. "It was just an ill-advised decision that they had made."

Organizers say they're not yet in a position to announce where the fundraiser will be held as they are still in discussions. 

However, Mason says they expect to share more details in the coming days.

with files from Devin Heroux