Several business owners are frustrated after seeing the area flood twice from burst pipes at the Brentwood Village Mall in one month.

A water main break inside the building early Sunday morning caused significant damage to about six shops and services. Many had just finished cleaning up after flooding hit the area a few weeks ago. 

They are now are being told it is their responsibility to clean up the mess.

"The water main wasn't broken by us, it's by the mall," said Michael Yoon, who owns Century Chiropractic. "I talked to the management company and they said it's our responsibility as a tenant and the funny thing is, this is the second time the water line burst."

Fire crews estimated there was about a foot of water in some areas of the mall after the eight-inch water main broke.

Yoon's business saw about 15 centimetres of water — and he isn't sure when he'll be able to reopen.

"Hopefully we can get this clinic up and running within a day, but is that even possible?" he asked. "I don't know, I don't think so."

CBC News did try to reach the management company for comment but they didn't respond.

Engineers were on scene yesterday to assess the structural integrity of the building.