This summer, construction will start on a plan to connect the trails of West Bragg Creek with the town of Bragg Creek. 

It's part of a bigger plan to build a trail linking Kananaskis Country with Cochrane and Calgary.

The paths will be part of the Trans-Canada Trail network, says Robert Sadee, president of the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association.

LISTEN: Robert Sadee chats Bragg Creek trail plans: 

“It was on the map as a trail that the community thought would benefit the area, then with the Trans-Canada trail overlaying on top of that, the route also is supposed to be going to Canmore to Bragg Creek over to Redwood Meadows and then over to Cochrane," said Sadee. 

“There were some very nice synergies, and both trails are making their way forward.

Sadee says the trail intuitive is a volunteer effort. 

The community has been looking to build the trail since 2007 to add to the already extensive network of trails in West Bragg Creek, which is about 10 kilometres west of the hamlet. 

This summer's efforts will be Phase 1 of a three phase plan to build the 7.7 kilometre trail, which will run alongside an existing road. 

Sadee says the group is looking for a Cochrane partner to extend the trail. 

"Eventually there are plans to connect Cochrane with Bragg Creek, along Highway 22. Alternatively, to connect Bragg Creek with Calgary, along Highway 8, if they ever upgrade that road."

A trail already exists that connects Canmore with West Bragg Creek, and the Legacy Trail connects Banff and Canmore. 

Bragg Creek is just west of Calgary.