The site of an iconic old restaurant in Bragg Creek, which is slated for demolition later this summer, will someday become housing for the community's seniors.

The Steak Pit has hosted the who's who of celebrities over the years, but was heavily damaged in the 2013 flood.

After the flood, Dick Koetsier tried his best to repair and restart the restaurant, but says he realized it was too far gone and rebuilding was just not feasible.

"It really had a lot of issues, like structurally and mechanically," he said.

Koetsier donated the building and lot to the Rocky View Foundation, which came to a similar conclusion after considering plans to turn the building into a community hub.

Steak Pit Bragg Creek

Bragg Creek resident Bob Everett launched a campaign to save the restaurant, saying it was an important piece of local history. (Dave Gilson/CBC)

The group switched focus to transforming the land into affordable housing for seniors.

"I felt it was a terrible shame that the people who lived in this community for many years, contributed to the community, had their children go to school here, that they should have to move so far away," said Bragg Creek resident Karen Nordgaard, who has been working with the foundation to help build the housing.

There is currently no word on when the group plans to begin construction on the housing complex.

Campaign to save restaurant

Bragg Creek resident Bob Everett says while he supports seniors' housing in the community, he's disappointed to see the old restaurant go.

He launched a campaign to try to save the building, calling it an important piece of local history.

"The business was such a strong advocate for Bragg Creek when there were no businesses, and it has memories that are connected to thousands and thousands of people," he said.

While the old Steak Pit restaurant may be gone, Keotsier says he plans to build a new version of the restaurant nearby in the future.

With files from Dave Gilson