The hamlet of Bragg Creek, Alta., is hoping the long weekend will bring in visitors and help reverse some of the economic damage from June's flood.

Bragg Creek was hit hard by the flood, as was neighbouring Kananaskis Country, and the community says it is still feeling the effects of the floodwaters on local businesses.

"There's less likelihood that people are going to come out to Kananaskis to enjoy the outdoors and that means they're not going to be buying gas in the hamlet, they're not going to get groceries, liquor, they're not going to go to restaurants," said Doug Sephton, who runs a website on things to do in and around Bragg Creek.

Residents say there haven't been as many visitors as usual and are calling on the province to fix the damage in K-Country.

They're also looking for ways to get people to visit nearby areas in the hope that they will stop through Bragg Creek.

Sephton says that could include setting up picnic areas to attract visitors and working to repair what's left of K-Country.

Roughly 50 per cent of homes and almost all businesses in Bragg Creek were affected by the flooding in June.

The community is located about 45 kiloemtres southwest of Calgary.