Businesses in Bragg Creek are slowly reopening after many were destroyed in last year's flooding. About half of the shops and services in the hamlet were affected.

“It’s been very long, tedious, tiring,” says Julie Jager, who owns Sugar Shack bakery in Bragg Creek.

The flood destroyed her business and for 10 months the store sat empty.

Bragg Creek baker Julie Jager

Bragg Creek baker Julie Jager's shop was closed for 10 months after the flood. (CBC)

"I just wanted my bakery back and be behind my oven and dealing with the public."

Jager’s shop reopend in April and she's far from alone. Some other stores have recently reopened, while some remain under repair.

Family Foods is in the same downtown complex as Sugar Shack. The store never closed but co-owner Lori Gildemeister spent $20,000 of her own money to keep it open.

"Our store, we're doing fine. Our locals stepped up to the plate and we're doing fine. Tourists wise, it's still a little slow. We need you out here."

Gildemeister says the tourist-reliant hamlet is still suffering.

“We still have people that are out of their homes, High River took the news, and good on them, but we're a hamlet of 450 people, the percentage was huge, what do I want people to do? I want them to come out here, enjoy the trails, support the local businesses.”

Both store owners say another flood of the same magnitude would see their doors shut for good.