Dozens of local artisans joined forces this weekend in Bragg Creek for the 37th annual Christmas sale in the hopes of boosting support for local businesses.

June's floods destroyed many small businesses and for many, getting back on their feet has been a challenge. The sale marked an opportunity for them to come together and support each other as the still-recovering town struggles to heal.

"We're struggling and trying to do everything we can to bring people out to Bragg Creek," said Marina Cook, who owns a restaurant that was destroyed in the flood. "Now, more than ever, we need the business. We need people to come out here."

More than 65 local artists were at the Bragg Creek Centre to sell crafts, decorations, gifts and original artwork. 

With woodcarvings, pottery and felt clothing among the market's crafts for sale, the sale was one of the community's biggest attractions.

"This is probably the busiest weekend that Bragg Creek sees all year long, so it's really good for all the businesses that are open, all the restaurants," said Geri Kerluke, the market's organizer. "It brings in a lot of tourism, a lot of people travelling just to see what's out here."

Without continued support from its neighbours, some in Bragg Creek say local businesses might not last long.

"The local economy has been hit extremely hard," said Cook. "Some businesses may not make the winter."