Three more women have come forward accusing Calgary massage therapist Brad McLellan of sexual assaulting them during appointments.

The latest complainants are women between the ages of 20 and 50 who came forward after police announced in December that McLellan had been arrested and charged after a 25-year-old woman alleged he assaulted her during a massage. 

"I think when one victim comes forward it gives other victims courage to come forward," said Staff Sgt. Bev Voros of the Calgary police sex crimes unit. "I think there's support in numbers."

The incidents are alleged to have taken place between Sept. and Dec. 2015 at the Centennial Wellness Clinic in downtown Calgary and at the Pro Active Health Group in the Beltline. 

Staff at both clinics have been cooperative throughout the investigation, according to police.

Voros says while some sexual assault cases are difficult to prosecute, and boil down to a "he said, she said" scenario, police "are confident in the evidence we brought forward to the courts."

The sex crimes unit is reminding victims of sexual assault that their identities are protected under law and encourage those who believe they've been assaulted to come forward.

After his arrest in December, investigators said McLellan may have worked professionally with Hockey Canada and the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games in the past and may have also treated skeleton and bobsled athletes.

Voros says it's not common for massage therapists to be charged with sexual assault. 

"I have been in this area for two years and I haven't seen it. I would say maybe 10 years ago there might have been another case, I haven't heard of any since then," said Voros.

McLellan now faces a total of four charges of sexual assault and will next appear in court on Feb. 13.