Officials are reminding Calgarians about the dangers of melting ice after a passerby managed to pull two boys out of a pond in West Dover.

The boys — who were about 10-years-old — fell through the ice at Valleyview Park near 28th Street and 30th Avenue southeast around 6:30 p.m. MT on Monday.

Someone walking by managed to get a rope to pull them out.

"The two had been playing on the ice covered pond when they fell through," said officials in a release. "Had they not been seen by the rescuer, they may have gone unnoticed and would not have been able to self rescue."

The fire department says the boys were wet and cold when handed over to paramedics, and very reluctant to "have their families informed of their adventure."

"The fire department would like to remind citizens that ice this time of year is thin and brittle," said officials. "It is not safe for people or pets no matter how thick it appears."