A Facebook group is urging skiers to boycott Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort after several ski patrollers were controversially let go.

A group of disgruntled skiers has turned to the internet to try to persuade people to boycott Sunshine Village over the recent dismissals of several safety patrol staff.

A page on the social networking website Facebook — titled Support Ski Patrol wronged by Sunshine Village Ski Resort — had almost 6,000 fans on Thursday.

Doug Firby, who is the associate director of communications Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort, confirmed there were several dismissals during the Christmas period.

Ski patroller Craig McArthur told CBC News last month that the dismissals happened after patrollers disciplined a skier — whom he alleged to have connections to the resort's owner — for entering a closed area.

"We are raising awareness to the importance of ski patrol, through the example of Sunshine Village Ski Resort's wrongful dismissal of all its senior patrol and snow safety staff," the Facebook page reads.

The group — which is distributing T-shirts with the slogan: "The winter of our discontent" — has gained the support from as far away as the United States. California-based Mountain Riders Alliance is endorsing the boycott.

"For the short term, I would stay away until they address the allegations," said spokesman Jamie Schectman. 

But according to Firby, guest numbers remain strong at the resort despite the attempt to organize a boycott.

And half a dozen ski shops contacted by CBC News said they haven't heard from many skiers and boarders refusing to ski at Sunshine.