People living on Bowdale Crescent were allowed to return home late Friday afternoon after crews battled a fast-moving grass fire in the area.

The fire erupted between the Bow River and Bowdale Crescent, where there is about a half a dozen houses.

Officials said the fire made it roughly 400 metres from homes in the area, which was close enough to cause concern. Earlier in the afternoon, police and EMS went door-to-door to get people to leave the area.


Beth and William Hale wait in buses provided by the city after a grass fire erupted in the area. (Colleen Underwood/CBC)

Beth and William Hale, elderly siblings who live in the area, said they were pretty scared at the time because they don't move around very well. They were thankful for help from police to get to safety.

The pair joined other residents waiting on a city bus until they were cleared to return home.

District fire chief Alan Ball said he is confident the fire is under control, but doesn't know how long it will take crews to fully extinguish the flames.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Northbound Sarcee Trail between 16th Avenue and Bow Trail S.W was closed for part of the day as crews battled the blaze.

On Monday, the province issued fire warnings, saying the sudden temperature jump evaporated the snow, which would normally melt into the ground to keep it moist.

The area in red is what was being affected by the fire, say police.

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Some people in the northwest had been asked to leave their homes because of a grass fire. (Justin Pennell/CBC)


(Colleen Underwood/CBC)