Calgary officials are once again warning people about dangers in and around the Bow River.

Restoration work is underway near Calgary's Centre Street Bridge and that means some paths near Sien Lok Park and along Memorial Drive are closed to the public. 

River warning sign

A sign on the Bow River warns of "in stream construction." (CBC)

The construction involves putting huge boulders in the river for stabilization.

A river advisory from last year’s flood is still in place and the fire department is urging people to stay off the river, said fire spokesperson Carol Henke.

“The river advisory that was put into effect after last year's flood has not been lifted. And that is because there are still many hazards in and around the river that you can and cannot see that create significant danger to river users.”

Henke says there is no timeline for when the advisory is going to be lifted.

"Really, with the hidden hazards hidden underneath the water and the ones you can see, our firefighters really need to be on top of their game to know the various areas and how it's changed."