Todd Rederburg enjoys the view from his highrise bicycle at the Bow River Flow on Sunday. ((Meghan Grant/CBC))

Calgarians just keep going with the Bow River Flow.

An estimated 10,000 people turned out under warm, sunny skies for the third annual extended block party, which stretched five kilometers along Memorial Drive and through Chinatown and Eau Claire. The crowd more than doubled last year's turnout.

Organizer Sharon Stevens says the idea behind the event is to reclaim inner city streets.

"It is really about just livening the streets [and] help people to think differently about their transportation choices," Stevens said.

And if some people were upset about the ban on cars in the area, many others were enthusiastic.

"I like it, actually," said Jon Chan "It just adds to the culture, it really helps the community. Calgary's a very car-centric city."

And when organizers said no cars, they meant it. Even Calgary's famous food trucks were banned.

"This is a non-commercial event," Stevens said, "so people can just come down and participate for free."