Geoscience students at the University of Calgary are hoping to get a clearer picture of how past floods have shaped the Bow River.

Professor Don Lawton and his class will use the latest in geophysical techniques and equipment to create images of the subsurface below the flood plains.

Lawton said the research could offer insights for dealing with floods more effectively in the future.

"I think the information we provide can be help towards mitigation efforts. How the city can prepare, how the province can prepare in dealing with future floods, or mitigating future floods," he said.  

The city has given the students permission to study the Bow River at Shouldice Park and Inglewood.

Fourth-year student Sinead Tracey said this field school is in her own backyard, which makes the experience much more important to her.

"It happened just right here to everyone in Calgary. It’s good to know that what we're doing is meaningful, it has purpose," she said.

Lawton said the key to predicting future floods is to have a greater understanding of the past.  

"So we're able to map where those events have happened and use that as a predictive tool of what will happen in the future."