Bobcats found roaming in Lakeview

Police are asking residents in the southwest community of Lakeview to keep their pets indoors after a mother bobcat and two of her kittens were found roaming in an alley Wednesday morning.

Fish and Wildlife say they are not a threat to humans

Calgary officials are warning people in Lakeview to be careful after a bobcat and her kittens were found in the area. (Submitted by Clayton Paradis)

A bobcat and her two kittens were spotted roaming the streets and alleys of Lakeview Wednesday morning.

The southwest Calgary community is not far from Weaselhead Flats and often encounters wildlife.

Calgary police are telling residents to keep their pets inside until they move on from the area.

"They can tell people to keep their dogs inside but it's kind of hard to do it when you're already outside," said Rob Charlton, who spotted them while walking his dog.

Fish and Wildlife officers are on scene keeping an eye on them. (Submitted by Clayton Paradis)

"You can't worry about it. I think they're more concerned about evading people, so I'm not too worried about that."

Charlton has been living in the neighbourhood for more than 30 years, but has never seen a family of bobcats.

Fish and Wildlife officers are on scene and say they are just keeping an eye on them.

"They don't pose any threat to humans at all," said Tom Biglin, a district Fish and Wildlife officer.

"They're going to be taking squirrels out the neighbourhood and the squirrel population appears to be very high."

Diglin says they were last spotted digesting their breakfast of squirrel and rabbit on the roof of shed.

He expects the bobcats will eventually wander into North Glenmore Park.

With files from CBC's Danielle Nerman