Britannia resident Janice Parker spotted a bobcat roaming the streets of the southwest Calgary neighbourhood Friday and captured a few photos of the wild animal in the relatively urban environment.

Parker said she noticed the bobcat hiding under a tree while pulling into her driveway near the corner of Coronation Drive and Madison Avenue.

The animal then walked across the street and into a neighbour's yard, she said.

Parker managed to snap a couple of pictures of the bobcat, which isn't the first one to be seen in the area.

Bobcat Britannia

Another photo of the bobcat that was spotted roaming the streets of Calgary's Britannia community on Jan. 8, 2016. (Janice Parker)

"A mother and two babies have been seen at least three times in the past month on my street," she told CBC News Calgary.

Bobcats were also spotted with some frequency last year in communities further south.

This one decided to take a nap in a back yard near Fish Creek Provincial Park:

Sleeping bobcat

A Calgary couple snapped this picture of a sleeping bobcat in their backyard near Fish Creek Park. (V. Galloway)

And this curious crew of kitties turned up on a doorstep in Haysboro:

Baby bobcats in Haysboro

This bobcat family was spotted making the rounds in the southwest Calgary neighbourhood of Haysboro in August 2015. (Submitted by Katherine Reiffenstein)