Do you know Bob from Calgary? 

Sounds like the perpetuation of a stereotype, the kind of thing you'd hear whilst travelling. "Oh, you're from Canada? Do you know Bob from Calgary?"

Well, the thing is, we don't know Bob from Calgary, but we'd like to meet him, as would others posting on social media. 

Bob, if that is his real name, just happens to have penned the most popular comment ever left on the New York Times website. It was, naturally, about how great Canada is. 

Bob makes good dough, likes what he gets for his taxes and seems pretty chuffed not to be making his cash south of the border where criminals abound and infrastructure is crumbling (his words, not ours).

"One of the best bargains I get for my money is living in a place where I and everyone I know sends their kids to public schools because they are really good. We end up with few criminals, because students learn how to be productive good citizens in schools," he wrote. 

So in order to play into the American stereotype that we all know each other in this great frozen north, we're searching for Bob. Do you know him? Are you Bob? Why not drop us a line? We'd like to know why you're so giddy on this place and how it feels to be Internet famous. 

Plus, let's see just how small this place really is and how long it takes for Bob to show up.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have a lead