Boats and rafts are once again allowed on the Bow River, although a boating ban continues on the Elbow River.

Restrictions put in place since the flooding last month were lifted as of 9 a.m. Tuesday, but officials are telling people to use extreme caution.

Water levels have dropped, but there is still plenty of debris in the water, they say.

"Conditions on the Bow River continue to be dangerous and pose a considerable risk for anyone on the river in any type of watercraft. Due to the recent flooding, there have been significant changes to the stability of riverbanks, increasing the danger of being on or near them. Debris in the water poses an extreme hazard and water clarity is low, obscuring hazards and obstacles just below the surface," officials wrote in a news release.

Riverbanks are unstable and it's best to stay away, especially for children and pets, officials say.