Blood Tribe Adolescent Treatment Centre

The Blood Tribe Adolescent Treatment Centre burned down Thursday but investigators say the cause of the fire was not criminal. (Credit: Kainai Adolescent Treatment Centre)

Fire destroyed the Blood Tribe's teen treatment centre on the Kainai Nation in southern Alberta Thursday, but investigators say the cause is not criminal.

A staff member at the treatment centre noticed smoke coming out of a flood vent Thursday and called fire crews.

Seven residents and five staff members were able to get out safely, but the flames quickly engulfed the building.

Fire crews from the community and Cardston both tried to fight the fire but the building could not be saved.

It's not clear at this point what caused the fire, but a provincial fire inspector is still investigating.

The building was the home of a youth drug and alcohol treatment facility that worked with Kainaiwa Children's Services.

The centre is putting out a call for any donations of clothing, toiletries and other items. They can be dropped off at Kainaiwa Children’s Services in Standoff or by calling 403-737-2900.

"Time is of the essence as the kids will be returning home tomorrow and we want to ensure they have clothing as they lost everything," said Rick Tailfeathers of the Blood Tribe Administration.